There is no doubt that corporate culture can push people to their limit, this is at times essential. Some seem to thrive on it, while others are crushed by it. We all know that stress is harmful, and that fact is spreading fast, you don’t want to lose great employees because of how they perceive their jobs.

Although it is true that companies can do more to raise awareness about addictions, (research indicates that up to 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is currently affected by alcohol and/or other drug addictions) that is only the tip of the iceberg in the recover Yourself strategy. 

Your leaders will learn skills in self-awareness and acceptance while being able to shed frustrations faster and start living healthier lives ultimately leading to higher productivity, focus, and output.


Support and Training 

The Costs of not Supporting
Recovery in the Workplace 
  • Increased cost due to high turn around

  • Toxic work environment for employees, some may not speak up

  • Loss of Productivity/Increased Errors because triggered employees cannot focus 

  • Legal/Harassment vulnerability because triggered employees are unpredictable

The Benefits of having a Recovery 
Strategy in the Workplace
  • Increased Output due to employees who are happy in their lives allowing them to feel fulfilled with their work

  • Healthier work Environment for employees due to their acceptance of themselves being extended to others

  • Improved Productivity due to physically and mentally  healthier employees

  • Respectful Work Environment created because your employees are living with more self-respect

Start Recovering Your Team Today 

MartinJon helps the leaders of your teams understand the importance of awareness and how they can become better leaders while giving more and living healthier lives. 

You will see your staff, lose weight, get sick less often, come to work excited and ready for what each day has in store, as well as voice themselves. These benefits may at times seem like challenges as well but as the health of the workplace improves so will the health of your business.