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Ahead of You or Behind You Which Way Are You Facing?

Ahead of You or Behind You Which Way Are You Facing?

November 2, 2021

So many people that I am close with, and clients, when faced with new challenges, often talk about how much work they have done, or how long they have been doing "this work." The problem with that lament is that how much you have done, has nothing to do with how much you have left to do.

In this week's episode of the Recover Yourself podcast, I talk with Laurie Anderson, host of Laur's World of Sobriety, about the evolving nature of our relationship to recovery. The way we look at the world, and our place in it changes from day to day. If we are not open to that we can easily stagnate and stop growing. Change is essential.

Growing out of groups, or growing so that our relationship with the group ebbs and flows, is healthy. As far as AA stands, it is often preaching that the individual will fail if they leave the support of the group. Although, this will undoubtedly be true for some I cannot imagine that is the case for most. We are resilient, as we addressed last week on the podcast.

Today I just want to remind you that you have just as much ahead of you as always. That may seem daunting but if you do look over your shoulder you will find support from all that you have been through to keep going. This is trudging, and we trudge every day, the question is "Which way are you facing?"

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