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Confusing Symptoms for Problems

Confusing Symptoms for Problems

January 7, 2022

Confusing our symptoms for our problems is very common. We can easily look around and find the message that if we lose weight, stop drinking or using, have a better relationship, job, or education we'll have solved our problems. Unfortunately, those things have never been the problem, and we've been sidetracked into believing they are.

It seems easier, and much less daunting, to look at a symptom. We can be sold on facing their simplicity, like stopping drinking or losing weight, they are things we can measure. Our real problems have to do with ourselves and can appear so much more complex, but, when we know how to find them, they are much easier to address than any of our symptoms.

I know you're ready to start investing in yourself and facing your problems, so join me for one of my upcoming Recover Yourself workshops. You will learn how to find the problem behind the symptoms and how to use that knowledge to step into yourself and watch those symptoms just melt away on their own.

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