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There is always more to Recover

There is always more to Recover

May 18, 2021

The work I am dedicated to is recovery, as you know. Much of that global conversation stops at "Recovering From." Rightfully so, as there are so many things we have to recover from, like injuries, abuse, trauma, bad days, addictions of all sorts, diagnosis, and more.

Jumping from one of these to the next, throughout our lives is not a recipe for enjoying ourselves. Framing things around 'Recovering From' can get us looking at life from a place of lack as we ask "What do we not do, in order to recover from this thing in particular?"

"Recovering To" helps us get curious and reframe the whole story so we can get off the cycle of victimization and lack. I invite you to join me at one of my next workshops and learn more about recovery and how you can implement a more curious "Recover To" approach to your life.

I love you,

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