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What Keeps You From Agreeing With Other's Approaches

What Keeps You From Agreeing With Other's Approaches

August 3, 2021

We all have a program of some sort, it consists of the things we do to better ourselves. It is common amongst those in recovery to refer to the things they do to stay sober as their Recovery Program. 

Whether you have a recovery program or not, I am sure you are doing things to challenge and better yourself regularly. I am almost positive that you also have leaned on something to inspire you to grow into a better version of yourself. Maybe it was artmaking that inspires you, maybe it's anger, it's possible you use exercise, diet, or sobriety.

Those things, no matter how they came about, (i.e. AA, a new gym, unfairness in the world) could be at the core of your program. (I.E. you wake up to the unfairness of the world so you want to get better and use your anger to motives that.) and there is nothing wrong with that until...

If you find yourself identifying with the anger, as in the example given above, to such a degree that you cannot see change without it then your program may very well be controlling more than supporting you.

In the recovery world, we have continued to hear a debate around Demi Lovato's approach to sobriety, that being "California Sober." I want to just say that anyone that wants to criticize her style of sobriety is being controlled by hard and fast rules that they are electing to hold onto. We want to get to a place that we can love one another even if that means loving those who don't agree with us. 

I love you,

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