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Your Perfectionism is a Lie

Your Perfectionism is a Lie

June 1, 2020

The future of learning isn't in the ability to be right but in the ability to learn from what we experience. At the core of all I do is an obsession to learn from my experiences. In my work, I strive to not have answers but allow you, my clients, to discover that you DO have answers.

My workshops primarily support professionals, giving them the tools they need to practice this concept of "recovering to," or recovering themselves. When we learn that there is a right and wrong there is often fear associated with being wrong because wrong equals "bad." That is the fertile ground where judgment grows. In our world today, judgement, fear of being judged, and the doubling down on a decision because one knows they will be judged, are all too common. None of these actions are respectful to the self or others.

There is no one way to grow and support yourself. Nobody has supported themselves the way you need to today. The more of us that go about our lives being honest and trusting ourselves, instead of googling every little thing that we come across to see if it is normal, the more this message will spread.

There is no need to continue making mistakes if we can learn from them, no matter how long we have been making them, or how scary the consequences seem from here.

I love you,

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