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Are you sick of being sold generic solutions that don't work for you?  Whether you want to lose weight, make more money, or find the perfect partner it all starts with you. Every one of those generic solutions sees you as a generic person but you are unique and require a unique approach. 

A Recover Yourself suite of sessions will get you on track and moving in the right direction because it starts with you. In short order you are going to experience yourself doing things you’ve wanted to do for years but could never make the habit stick. You’re going to lose weight, get into, or improve, your relationship, job, life. Love yourself in a way that will be unshakable because you will finally see yourself.

Start gaining more from your giving

In everything we do, we can gain. We only have to know how to approach it. The path to a better life and career with less fear, anger, and stress is in your grasp.


  • get to begin right away and approach tomorrow from a new perspective.

  • learn to find and create your own tools for your life 

  • rediscover what you want and and start obtaining it 

A full 4 session suite are priced on a sliding scale and go as low as $650

Mini-Sessions as low as $250/20min