Hiking With MartinJon

I have recently been opened to the idea that hiking is amazing and I found that yes that is true. As a kid I grew up in Chicago and that led me to believe that the entire world we paved, I did get to visit the Field Museum and all the taxidermy dioramas they have further solidified my idea that wildlife was a thing of the past. That is until I saw my first wild rabbit at 10 or so, "it must have escaped from somewhere," I thought, but no, it was wild. Now I know that wildlife is all around us and I am grateful to the wonderful Jennifer Bisbing for introducing me to the Cook County Forest Preserves. I am celebrating nature with weekly hikes, if you are interested in hiking with me please reach out I am planning on doing this all year round so reach out and lets go hike.

#hiking #cookcounty #forestpreserve

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