Family: Everyone Should Have One


This week I had a very special hike which was much needed after a few dormant weeks because of shoots and scheduling conflicts. I had the opportunity to host my Spanish cousin Antia and her lovely boyfriend Saul for a week and on this their last day we went out to see what the natural landscape of Illinois looks like.

So we went to James "Pate" Philip State Park which is part of the Bartlett Park district and possibly the Cook County Forest Preserve system. Nowhere in this walk could we really escape the traffic because it is primarily a simple wildflower field but the nature that is active in this park is astonishing. With about 5 miles of trails we walked over a bridge and saw a very busy beaver family damming up and the Spaniard were impressed and amazed. The wetlands also allowed us to eye a great heron and a number of crawdads, insects and amphibians.

We were joined by my sister and her husband and we all went out to Savory for a great big American breakfast, which helped my cousin understand why we have so many gordos in the states. They headed out to NYC this morning and will begin to plan my trip to Santiago for July Next year. Thank you both for joining me on another.

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