Out of the Hospital and Into the State of Indiana


Some of my greatest friends live in Indiana and after last week and the shit I had to go through in dealing with doctors, diagnosis, and days of being idol it was great to take a trip out to the Oak Ridge Prairie in NW Indiana for a hike with the awesome Linda Dorman.

We had a wonderful time, at least on my part, walking around the little lake were we saw a swan and a lawn mower man who had to have been popping the goofballs all morning because he mowed the same stretch of land for 45 minutes. It was wonderful to be outside, with someone I love dearly and who loves me. You know, spreading love is probably one of the most important things I think I can do. It was a hard thing to realize how this is done truly for others fully but it was a conversation I had with Linda on our hike that brought it to my attention. By loving others for others I give them space, space to grow, space to be strong, even when it might be easier, or more convenient, to be weak, space to make mistakes and space to cry.

This comes on the heels of my recent experience where my strength, which is directly related to the support I receive from others, has possibly intimidated or put people off. I appreciate all the love I receive from anywhere I receive it, and I honor that love by being the best me I can be. At every turn I ask :Do I need help?” when the answer is yes I will ask again "Do I REALLY NEED help?" if that answer is yes I will reach out and get you because you are my support. If the answer is no I will show you how much I appreciate your being there because it is simply your being there as my safety net that makes me able to be here and move forward with such strength, your quiet support means more to me than you will ever know.

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