1st 8 Mile Hike in Months


Okay well today was a gorgeous day, I will start by saying the sun rose at 6am this morning and I was up at 5 like usual and I couldn't believe it, I was still under the impression that I was seeing light every morning when i woke up, nope I was fooling myself. Don't trust yourself folks it's all an illusion. I was totally prepared for a long hike mainly because I am going on a hike on Tuesday and I want to be sure I take the right amount of Advil so I don't have to stop and stretch every 3 minutes, because that would make whoever I am hiking with feel bad, and that is not the point here.

I found myself loving everything today I walked with my arms in the air and a smile plastered on my face, nature is fucking amazing people, and I would suggest regular hikes if you like that sort of thing. I hated it but after a few weeks I was sold it is the most revitalizing and amazing thing I do every week.


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