Taipei Personality


I had the unique pleasure to travel to Taiwan this week and I am delighted to say it was amazing. Out and out woodsy hiking could not happen due to a Typhoon blowing through the day I go there but I was still able to travel south to Hualien where the mountains are covered in bamboo and the river is littered with enormous marble boulders.

One of my greatest friends, ShouRu, was the reason for my travels there and she was the most amazing host. ShouRu and I met in Chicago when she and her friends, who were studying at UIC, participated in my portrait project. We stayed in touch and adopted each other as siblings, now we chat via Facebook and skype regularly, supporting, cheering up, consoling and loving each other. At the time I would have normally been on a Sunday Hike I was at a night market on the other side of the world from Chicago sitting down to eat my first bit of stinky tofu or chòu dòufu. #HikewithMJ


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