4 Miles With Soaringbird Studios


On a Tuesday no less I had an invite accepted by the amazing force of Julieta Álvarez Leal who is the founder and runs Soaringbird Studios. As a photographer and curator Julieta supports the arts all over Chicago and we go back 5 or 6 years at least. She has been a wonderful friend throughout all of my ups and downs and. She has also shown me how much strength it takes to be oneself.

I am so grateful to have someone like Julieta to talk to and open up with, when we spoke about the Documentary the Surmount Studio is about to launch she was not only supportive in her words she was able to relate it to how she sees the message can be related to her life today, as a mother of two teenage girls living in the city. This sort of connection is exactly what I would hope people are able to connect the dots and see, and to have that hope manifest itslef in such a direct and wonderful way was divine.

#soaringbirdstudios #friendship

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