Crowd Funding is Dark You need Inner Light


As I hiked today I was only able to think about my Kickstarter campaign. It had been up for 24 hours and raised $61 which I am absolutely grateful for and looking forward to raising more.

Actually my hike was beautiful and I got to snap the picture you see to your left which is what’s going to help me keep going in these dark and lonely times of crowdfunding. It is odd, I have raised $300 that won't actually go into the pot, well I will put it into the pot and lose my 5% but, I am getting a check in the mail because they do not want to use Amazon, so it's a donation to the company. I am absolutely okay with that however doesn't make my campaign look very good, and in this day and age it is all about how you look isn't it. What a shame that is.

So I am going to talk about this Documentary a little bit, first of all last year at this time I was saying things like “I will never make a feature.” “I am not interested in documentaries at all.” Then here I am. Pow! Making a Documentary. How did it happen? Where did it come from? I have no Idea. I can only say that I have been called to do this. It is inside me and I am excited. This is something I feel more strongly about than I have felt about a lot of things in my life and I feel A LOT let me tell you.


It's a strange thing actually, being in the midst of this crowd funding, I know I have 40 days but I am already breaking that down into, “if I only raise $60 a day (and today I only raised $50) then what does that look like?” It looks exactly like $2000. Which is not my goal btw, I am shooting for $35,000 which is going to be a task.

I have it set that I am at my computer every day for at least 8 hours promoting and figuring out how to reach people with my project. I am trusting that I will find and talk to the right person at some point who will be inspired to spread the word and I will get it over the top. I know that is not me. I have faith in something else driving this. If you want to call it god, go right ahead. I have to believe in that which has called me to make this. I am scared but there is nothing wrong right now.

I love you and invite you to come on a hike with me some Sunday morning. I need a computer break so that is all I will write for now. #HikeWithMJ

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