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Caregivers are facing close to a 50% burnout rate. Get ahead of your burnout today and start Recovering Yourself

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Recover your Mind
Recover your Time
Recover your Health
Recover your Life

Reaching Out to the Sun

Free Yourself with Your Own Awareness

We all have thought patterns that control how we react. They have been with us since childhood but most of us aren't aware of when, how, or why, they take control. 

Your patterns are unique and so are your solutions. The only way to reach beyond those familiar patters is to become aware of when they are triggered within you. 

You have wasted enough time living as if you are not the god you were born to be. It is time to recover that, it's time to recover your Self!


Angelina Frost


Working with MartinJon has been very powerful. He's not afraid to get you right to the heart of the matter, with both great love and skill, and ask you the questions that lead you to your freedom. Your freedom. Think of that. If you want to make a quick and fundamental shift in how you see yourself and your place in our world, MartinJon is your guy.

MartinJon: Recover Yourself and get out from under the influence


The Recover Yourself approach was designed with caregivers in mind, and as it turns out, we are all caregivers.


  • Save time by not holding onto emotions

  • No more burn out

  • Give more while caring more

  • Get to a new place in your career and life

You're a Passionate Caregiver
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MartinJon: Coaching Beyond Recovery
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