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Working with Groups

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From Yoga Studios to IOP Programs

MartinJon can help your groups get on track with what is most important to them.

If your group is disjointed and aloof, they may be under the influence of who they think they are supposed to be. Let's get them to raise their awareness, gain their autonomy, and align with what is best for the group overall.

There are many options MartinJon has to present your group with these concepts and you will be a part of the decision making process all along the way.

Benefits of working with MartinJon
•   Enables your group to become aware of how they process, and inadvertently judge, their experiences. 

•   Your group will be exposed to how they perceive the group, the world, and their place in it. 

•   Your members will allow more curiosity into their lives making detaching from an outcome easier than ever.  

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