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1 on 1
Recover Yourself suite of sessions

Elite Guidance to Discovering

Your Clarity

Our clarity can be elusive, especially today in a world filled with distractions. Every moment lived without clarity robs you of your vitality, the ability to see all of the opportunities and possibilities that are right in from of you. 

Living under the influence of others (like your parents, teachers, and culture) has led you to doubt yourself. Recovering deep self trust is important if you are going to live a fulfilling life with clarity right now, and MartinJon can get you there.

When you recover yourself your body and mind will grow attuned to the nature of things, you will feel and look younger, stresses will fall away so you can clearly identify what is the next most obvious step. Your life gets easier and it starts to make more sense because you have clarity.

When you are ready to get out from under the influence of others, and find real clarity, you are ready to Recover Yourself.

  • Begin right away and start tomorrow from a new perspective.

  • Learn to find and create your own tools for your life.

  • Discover who you are and start living in line with your passions.

Full 4 session suites are priced on a sliding scale and go as low as $650

Mini-Sessions as low as $250/20min

Anyone in Chicago can work with me in-person through

Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

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