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Recover Yourself suite of sessions

Self-Recovery Portrait Healing


Self-Recovery Portrait Healing is a transformative modality created by MartinJon, drawing upon over 22 years of personal experience in addiction recovery. This trauma-informed approach aims to guide individuals towards deep self-recovery and alignment, enabling them to reclaim their authentic selves and break free from external influences.


Throughout four sessions, clients embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. In the initial session, MartinJon paints a portrait, fostering a deep connection that facilitates intimate exchanges and insightful questions. This process unveils the influences that have shaped their lives, promoting self-awareness and healing.


The subsequent sessions provide a reflective space for exploring evolving thoughts and triggers in relation to external influences. Optional impromptu phone calls between the 2nd and 3rd, and 3rd and 4th sessions offer real-time support to process triggers, providing clients with additional guidance and understanding.


The final session integrates energy work tailored to individual needs, facilitating the harmonious integration of all that has been explored. By emphasizing the alignment between your lifestyle choices and your well-being, this modality promotes optimal results based on your unique journey of self-care and growth.


Self-Recovery Portrait Healing empowers individuals to reclaim their authentic selves, freeing them from the constraints of external influences. It offers a transformative path towards self-alignment, personal growth, and the embrace of a life guided by one's own inner voice.

Full 4 session suites are priced on a sliding scale and go as low as $650

Mini-Sessions as low as $250/20min

Anyone in Chicago can work with me in-person through

Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

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