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The Recovery Mentor

MartinJon The Recovery Mentor

Helping those who help is at the core of MartinJon's Practice. As a nationally respected recovery specialist he is passionate about bring recovery solutions into organizations as well as to support individuals. To "Recover To," which is at the core of MartinJon's practice, is to thrive in every area of life. As a recovery mentor he offers individuals support to integrate and grow not only in recovery, but in life. As a consultant he offers companies strategies, tools and resources to increase the health and wellbeing of employees which improves productivity and output.


His recovery and personal growth has led him to understand that those who support can often not get, or accept, the support they need. This can lead them to feeling overwhelmed and experience burn out. And for many companies these are the people that hold up entire organizations. 

Emotional stability is essential if we want to support others. Finding that is unique for each of us. Whether you are a Peer Support Specialist, Social Worker, Therapist, or find yourself caring for an elderly relative or being a parent, the best you can do for those you are caring for is to recover your Self. When we are living with anger, or trauma we can easily pass that pain onto those who we are caring for. 

If you are a healer or caregiver and find yourself at the end of your rope at times, or embarrassed or ashamed at how you responded to a trigger, the best thing you can do is to use that to learn about yourself. That is the first step in Recovering Yourself.

MartinJon has developed this new form of psychoenergetic healing which utilizes the portraiture artform. He is always looking to connect with healers, as well as individuals within the sciences. The idea is to continue to work on new developments and discoveries within art and healing. The Recover Yourself Podcast is where you can get an overview of the ideas that recovering yourself covers.

Please contact us if you are interested in Recovering Yourself.

Addiction and Recovery

I started both using and drinking at age 13. A DoC was not something that I associated with because I just wanted to escape and as long as I could escape it didn't matter how I did that. I went to my first AA meeting at 18, but at 26 I finally solidified my desire to sober up. It wasn’t until I learned, after my last binge, that my recovery was missing something very important, a direction. While I was “Recovering From” just fine it had me relapsing regularly. By design, my recovery had me looking back and living in a space of fear. Fear of losing everything, fear of relapsing, fear thta I was actually who I believed I was, and that fear was bringing it all into fruition. 

For myself, that fear, and constantly looking over my shoulder as to where I was, was not about me creating a path forward. I was finally able to solidify my recovery when I was able to understand the goal of not using, or drinking, was not to forever count days. This ultimately was why I left the rooms of AA and continued a journey forward of my own, one that consisted of art (many things you will find HERE), friends (few of which who were clean/sober), and me, the most important part of the recovery equation. That was how I discovered “Recovering To.” Something I had to incorporate and use at every turn. I needed to recover myself much more than I needed to recover from anything. The things I was recovering from turned out to only be symptoms of the problems of having given up so much of who I truly was. Of course I had good reasons to do that but, as an adult those reasons we no longer good enough.

After many years of learning how to Recover To and getting increasingly good at it, I was diagnosed with MS. The process that I went through which took me from shock to acceptance in a matter of a few hours was the root of what I teach today in my recover Yourself Workshops. When I work with individuals I also incorporate my art which I have found to be very helpful in helping people see themselves beyond what they learned to see. 

I help people through my Recover Yourself suite of sessions which aids in their getting a slightly ne perspective that continues to grow every day as they get increasingly confident in themselves, their choices, and their lives.

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