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Podcast, Portrait Sessions, and MartinJon in general.


Angelina Frost


Working with MartinJon has been very powerful. He's not afraid to get you right to the heart of the matter, with both great love and skill, and ask you the questions that lead you to your freedom. Your freedom. Think of that. If you want to make a quick and fundamental shift in how you see yourself and your place in our world, MartinJon is your guy.


Portrait Facilitation Suite

The portrait sessions with MartinJon have been absolutely transformative. He helped me dig through the layers of pain and facade in my life in order to uncover the deeper roots of suffering. He guided me through looking at my life through an honest, real, and jarring lense in order to be present with what really makes me happy, fulfilled and aligned and what doesn't in my life. He gave me practical solutions as well as a non judgmental place to be me, be real, be authentic, and crack open what I have been hiding from myself for years. MartinJon is extremely skilled in what he does and his honest, compassionate, real, blunt, authentic, knowledgeable, and caring way of communicating and guiding a person into their true self is undeniably life enriching for all who are blessed with his healing work. These sessions were challenging to face, as well as the after-effects of the things, situations, and people falling away which no longer are aligned with my greater mission and purpose but it is exactly what our heart and spirit needs to step into greater fulfillment, truth, love, and life. Thank you so much MartinJon for breaking through my walls, and helping me find my true essense through the portrait you drew of me and our profound conversations. I recommend everyone have the full 4 sessions with MartinJon and witness your life unravel and blossom into your Truth. In empowerment and gratitude

Karolina M

Single Portrait

What an insightful session! MartinJon blatantly pointed out to me in his no-nonsense approach some obvious truths that I was too afraid to look within and to admit to myself. The lessons are still coming weeks later, just as his portrait of me keeps changing daily, while I keep uncovering deeper and deeper layers within myself that need more loving. What a transformative time together! Thank you so much for bringing your gift to the world with the work that you do, helping each one of us remember the god(dess) that we are 😊

Angelina Frost

General Testimonial

It's especially challenging for helpers to get help. As a coach and an intuitive myself, it's easy to fall into the illusion that you've got yourself covered. Word to the wise: you don't.

MartinJon's no-BS compassion and deeply intuitive insight will quickly and effectively help you to move beyond your blind spots and into your truth and freedom, no matter how well-hidden your issues.

If you're ready for things to be better, take this advice, Friend: Get with MartinJon and let him help you get out of your own way. <3 :)

Dani Turner


The take away from this work shop was wonderful and continues to provide clarity as well as enlightenment throughout thought processes and reflection.
Martin has a way of simplifying and breaking down a moment that leaves you with a WOW factor. Like, how did I not connect those dots before? Because Martin wasn't there to help guide me in that direction! If you don't know better, you can't do better! Martin's course helps you do better. Now that I have the "How is this feeling mirrored within me" approach, that allows me to see damn near everything from a protectory standpoint. which allows me to understand with more empathy towards others and most importantly within ME.

My take away from Martin's workshop is that I am a perfect human being, just as I am and he gives you the tools to reflect internally and find that self love/appreciation.

Martin, you are an angel. I love you and appreciate what you do!

Looking forward to our next session!


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