Single Portrait

MartinJon took a beautiful portrait of me at SatNam yoga workshop. It was completely new experience for me with portraits, because MartinJon look deep to see the real you, what you are going through and finds this connection. Now I use this portrait to remind myself about the self love and care.

Jennifer Medlen


The workshop proved to be an enlightening experience, and Martin made me feel seen. Understanding trauma with respect to triggers, Martin was able to frame these past experiences from my life and illuminate the way in which they impact me today. The message from Recover Yourself starts in awareness and acceptance, but Martin shared so much more including personalized coping techniques and helpful advice. This workshop was a 10/10, and I highly recommend it to everyone. We can all learn to recover ourselves from Martin, who has so much to share as a teacher in his innovative way.

Pamela Topjian

Single Portrait

I’ve been growing into myself and finally free to be fully me! It’s so amazing.

Linda D


It was an illuminating experience participating in the workshop with Martin. He led the group through exercises to help us uncover our triggers and their origins. He has a calm and supportive way of letting each participant determine their own comfort level in doing the deep digging. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Martin. It has helped me tremendously.

Kinga Lipinski

Portrait Facilitation Suite

I was finally able to get to know mySelf