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Recover Your Passion

Helping Caregivers Care for Themselves

There is nothing more rewarding than caregiving. That said, there is also nothing more taxing. For caregivers of all kinds, there is the threat of burnout and fatigue lurking around every corner. Parents, adult children of the elderly, and of course professionals from nurses to counselors, therapists, and PEER support specialists, all caregivers are faced with the paradox of burnout and the desire to give more.


This paradox has its roots within each of us, and for each of us, it is unique.  There is freedom from burnout and it is within your reach, all you have to do is Recover Yourself. We hear, and talk, all about the joys of recovering from, but it is when we "Recover To" when we can give without limit and that giving ceases to tax us in the least. 


Call today to set up a session that

works best for you. 

Recover Yourself : Recover Your Passion

Throughout our lives, we've adopted and learned rules about our place in the world and how it works. These are great and have, for most of us lead us to be caregivers and healers. These rules can also be dangerous, especially dangerous for caregivers. When unchecked these ideas can be passed on to our clients, or when triggered we can inadvertently abuse those whom we are tasked to render care 


Now it is time to recover what we believe. 

Are you overwhelmed and under fulfilled? That's a sign you're not living from a place of passion. Sign up for a consultation and let's see what's going on.

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