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3 Easy Ways To Embrace Discomfort

3 Easy Ways To Embrace Discomfort

July 19, 2022

Our world, no matter what we would prefer, is filled with pacifiers. Little things to make living in this world a bit more comfortable.

How do they do that? By getting us to escape into one thing or another when things feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, pacifiers focus our lives on the short game, getting us through the week rather than through our life.

If you want to refocus on the long game, and your life as a whole, here are a few things you can try.
Recognize where you have expectations and question them. Eventually, expectations will let us down. Are the expectations you carry reasonable?
Understand that you can FEEL angry, sad, or something else, but that doesn't mean you have to BE it. You may have a right to be angry but you also have the option to not act upon it.
Take note that you know what is best for you. From there you can assume that others also know what is best for them. Support them even if they are not doing what you would do, or what you would like them to do.
There is no reason to continue living under the influence of that hungry ghost comfort. There is never enough comfort anyway, have you ever laid in bed long enough that it became uncomfortable? Yeah, that's how it always ends up.

If you would like to learn more about how you might embrace discomfort and strengthen your life, then you are ready to recover yourself. Respond to this email and let's set up a time to talk further.

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