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Admitting We Don't Know

Admitting We Don't Know

June 14, 2022

Are you a person who is always good to those around you? Are you empathetic and caring? Do you listen intently to those who just seem to open up around you?

Although all of those things are great outwardly in theory, they might not be the right answer every time. WE DON'T KNOW!

Being nice, or kind, all the time can come from a place of not wanting to be seen as "bad." But just because you're not being seen as bad doesn't mean you're not being "bad."

It is easy to build co-dependant, or transactional relationships if you are overly nice, or care too much. You may even find yourself struggling with people-pleasing.

The truth is that we cannot have the ability to be nice without having the capacity to be mean. These days too many people don't want to look at their mean side because we have labeled it as "mean" which translates to "bad." It isn't mean though, it is us. It is simply another part of the complex nature of all that we are, and if we don't love that part as much as we love the parts we labeled "nice" then we aren't reaching our full capacity.

If you want to stop looking at things as mean or nice, or right or wrong, you're going to have to Recover Yourself. You are greater than all of those labels, and have answers that defy logic and will subsequently move mountains.

Reply to this email to start that conversation, I would be happy to talk with you about the influences you are facing.

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