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Are You Able to Face Darkness?

Are You Able to Face Darkness?

March 22, 2022

Some of you may know I am going on a Dark Retreat this week. I never really understood formal retreats before. The idea that one can retreat from life and gain some spiritual awakening doesn't make sense to me. I believe it is life, and all it entails, that brings us into spiritual awakening. This retreat though, one in which I spend an extended period in darkness, really piqued my interest.

Living in darkness for a week feels much more like engaging in my life than retreating it. Bringing the thoughts that are running under the surface of my cognitive mind into focus. Those thoughts, ideas, and perceptions, all of which I am living under the influence of to some degree, are going to come to the surface and there will be nothing to distract me from them.

Light helps us see the structure, the manifestation, and it is glorious with all the colors and beauty we get to experience. Darkness, however, can show us the substance of it all and why we see what we see. I have been talking a lot about Substance and Structure in my Wisdom talks recently and I invite you to check out my talks from my website here.

If you are ready to engage the concepts around structure and substance and learn about yourself and how you can balance them in your life, reply to this email because when you Recover Yourself there is nothing but growth.

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