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Are you capable of having healthy relationships?

Are you capable of having healthy relationships?

April 27, 2021

A healthy relationship is a measuring stick of our ability to support ourselves.

We often get caught up in our ideas of what other people are supposed to be for us, or what we are supposed to be for them. This is how we have marketed relationships in the United States. Asking children what they want in a partner is putting the cart before the horse, especially if what they want diverges in any way from being loved and allowed to love themselves. In a transactional environment that can be created through these sorts of interactions, growth can be seen as an attack and therefore neither encouraged nor attempted.

Although we may have lifelong relationships, they may hinge on our not changing. Due to change happening so slowly any inadvertent attempt to derail that can be successful. That is until such a time comes when that tipping point has passed and that is when a change is unavoidable and we all know how that can turn out. 

Sometimes we prefer to be ignorant of the changes others are making because their not changing gives us permission to stay the same.

Being open and encouraging to those around you who are growing will set you up to be supported in your own growth.
I love you,

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