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Are You Caring More Than You Care?

Are You Caring More Than You Care?

April 20, 2020

There is a fine line between caring and loving. When I was in early recovery someone said to me "And why do you care" when I was going on and on about something that had nothing to do with me. It changed my entire perspective of the world.

Today, when I walk into an Intensive Outpatient Progam to speak to, mostly, people who the courts put there, I open by telling them I don't care about their sobriety. That is a true statement but that doesn't mean I want them to die of their addiction. What I want is for them to care about their sobriety, because I love and respect them.

I know that nobody can change another person until they are willing to change, at which point change is inevitable. If I was to try to change someone, they would see the opportunity to manipulate me. I say this because that is exactly what I would do, and I have seen this done countless times by people of all ages and backgrounds.

I never want to address "Not Caring" in a light way because so many people care about so many things. all of those things are important, but they are all not important to you.

What is important to you? What do you care about? If you answer those questions I would like you to note that your ability to love far exceeds your ability to care. One is a physical matter while one is energetic.

I love you,

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