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Are You Guilty of Punishing Those Who Try?

Are You Guilty of Punishing Those Who Try?

March 15, 2022

Since my interview with Ken Bain, this quote has rattled around in my head. When he said this I was taken aback. It is so clear and concise, but not only that it is totally true.

We go around criticizing one another attempting to bring them down if, like crabs in a bucket, they try to escape. Success only lasts a moment, and equally fleeting is a failure (If you can call it that).

I much prefer to look at success and failure from the standpoint of "Did you learn and improved no matter which of these experiences you had?" In that way, you are not focused on the external end result but the internal growth that accompanies all activity.

If you are ready to drop the concepts of success and failure and start to learn about yourself and how you process the experiences you have, reply to this email, because when you Recover Yourself there is nothing but growth. You can also set up a free initial call on my calendar. You can also work with me in person through Sat Nam Yoga Chicago.

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