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Are You Involved in Transactional Relationships?

Are You Involved in Transactional Relationships?

January 19, 2021

As we watch the power of the United States transition I can't help but notice how much transactional relationships are taking center stage. Trump, and the republican party, have built the last four years on transactional relationships. Every time Trump felt hard done by, he would burn that bridge. I even heard that Tump told Mike Pence "We are not going to be friends after this." This is a last-ditch effort to an addict trying to gain control of a lost situation. Trump can't even recognize that he has sold so much of himself he actually has no value left.

That is not to say he, as a person who can grow and change, has no value. That is a value he cannot lose, however, the value he sells has been manufactured and it is that which has no value.

If we get caught up in transactional relationships, we are going to find ourselves selling off the value we manufacture and forgetting about the value that we are.

I do hope Trump can find his value, but in the meantime, I encourage you to be sure you are in touch with yours. Likes, follows, and comments don't make you valuable, actually, they may strip you of more than they give you. You are not a brand, and it is not an achievement to be one.

I love you,

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