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Are you living as your past?

Are you living as your past?

January 5, 2021

Once we identify strongly with something it is not easy to shift away from that. If we identify as a dancer, for instance, it may destroy us to become injured. But injuries happen, and when they do we may very well be resistant to change course due to our identity. This can be the same if we identify as a victim. When we find relationships that don't victimize us, we may distance ourselves as we are resistant to the change.

I am a proponent of having a strong and flexible mind. Working with clients it's important for me to have them become aware of where they have rigid thinking. When we get stuck trying to get hard answers it is often due to an inability to be flexible.

Being flexible in, and aware of, our thoughts allows us the space to grow beyond our old identities. Karith Foster and I talked at length about identity in last week's episode of the Recover Yourself podcast. Keep your mind limber and keep questioning "Why?" because having the answer to "What" doesn't get us as far as we would be led to believe.

I love you,

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