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Are you living without regard for what's next?

Are you living without regard for what's next?

August 4, 2020

The economy and the Market are being spoken of a lot right now. These single-minded entities are put in front of the one true blessing in the universe, Life. This quote from Seth Godin is quite beautifully put, "without regard for what's next." This is what I refer to as short-sightedness. The market will eat itself if there were short term profits to be had.

We don't call this addiction to money, the economy, or the market, as sick or evil. Most of the time it is praised, even as people die broken and desperate, maybe not from lack of money but certainly from lack of connection.

Living, and making strong and evolving connections with our surroundings, (people and otherwise) is very much grounded in regarding what's next. The value of connection is incalculable however the value of any product is very much tied to a quantitative value. Even your services are limited. However, the lives of your clients far outweigh whatever you can give them. In fact, one second of your life is inconceivably more valuable than anything the market can offer. You must remain concerned with what's next, I don't care how you do it or what your angle is, just keep looking forward.

When I work with clients I only see them for 4 sessions. Too many coaches are tied to the income they earn through their clients. My goal is to get you living your life, the one you want, as soon as possible. I am not your therapist, I am a mirror and I have no time to beat around the bush, or bullshit you.

I love you,

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