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Are you looking for balance?

Are you looking for balance?

January 21, 2020

Every class in every school, every coach and every guru, has focused on seeing and expressing something they have experienced. The one thing they cannot express, however, is your experience. We were shown, from birth, that the answers are held outside of ourselves. Teachers, parents, coaches, bosses and more all have the answer but we do not. There is no bigger lie in the world.

Each one of those classes, coaches, and gurus packed the truth into an answer. We can attain those answers because they are within our awareness. If we are hiding from our awareness, through eating, shopping or even reading or exercising, we are turning off our awareness. We do this when we are faced with pain or discomfort. Bringing awareness to these will open us to the answers we are looking for because we are the only ones who have them.

As a mentor I help people find their answers, I open them up to the places where they turn off their awareness. Doing this helps them recover themselves, and regain all they have given up. I don't have the answer, I am just a diligent student.

I love you,

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