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Bad Decisions or Mistakes

Bad Decisions or Mistakes

September 14, 2021

It is pretty important to know if we are being honest with ourselves or not. We've all chosen to do things that, when it didn't work out, or someone we hurt, we skirted responsibility because "It was a mistake!" Well, maybe you didn't mean it to work out that way, but it was a bad decision, not a mistake.

There is an important distinction here, namely, you have to get honest with yourself and accept responsibility. We have all been convinced that accepting responsibility for something leaves us open to attack, but there is much more to it.

When you accept responsibility you get the reward of insight. When you hide from your responsibility you are too focused on what others are thinking to be aware of yourself, your choices, and what lead to them. This, simply stated, means if you accept responsibility you will grow to make better choices.

I challenge you to note the difference between chalking something up as a mistake and owning your choices.

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