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Because Family Can be Difficult

Because Family Can be Difficult

July 13, 2021

There is nobody on this planet that can get in your head like family. They know where to poke and prod, they know how to step in and be a support, and they know how to take us down. These relationships can so often be taken for granted and that is unfortunate because they have so much power.

The one thing I want to address today is our ability to be challenged. When your family triggers you do you have the ability to eventually look back at that trigger and examine it? We can easily strip our family of the power they have by doing our own work.

The buttons they push, the places they prod, they know them because we have not changed those parts of us, most of us don't. We have the ability to grow beyond it but many of us don't. Why? Because these place within us identify us and are, in one way or another, comfortable.

As long as that is the case the 'ol family will always have the reins. No matter what we accomplish, do, or achieve, no matter how much we meditate or heal, if we don't work on those triggers within us we will forever be living under the influence of those who know who we think we are.
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I love you,

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