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Comfort is not your friend

Comfort is not your friend

January 26, 2021

To harden steel you must stress it with heat. To make seeds more durable and resistant to disease, you have to stress them as well. For some reason, however, we've elected to live lives avoiding discomfort, labeling it as a problem, and creating endless products to attempt to solve it. Today with Netflix, Google, and the endless list of courses, workshops, and coaches you can engage, there is almost nothing that we have to endure without some dopamine dishing instant gratification distraction to keep us comfortable.

Well, your discomfort is not and has never been, a problem. Unfortunately, there is no solving discomfort, because there is nothing to solve it is a great part of our experience, and when it comes up it would be wise to learn from it.

Recovering yourself is taking a step toward living a life where you're not avoiding or holding onto discomfort. Instead, you embrace the benefits of learning about yourself through what you are experiencing. By doing this you get to be more confidant in who you are and the choices you make.

I love you,

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