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COVID-19: An exercise in vulnerability

COVID-19: An exercise in vulnerability

March 24, 2020

Today we're facing being vulnerable. That doesn't mean we are at risk necessarily. It only means that the topic of vulnerability has come up in each and every one of our lives.

We are not only responsible for our own vulnerability for COVID-19, meaning washing your hands and not touching your face. We are responsible for others' as well, meaning staying home and not gathering.

But beyond COVID-19 we can use this time to look at our relationship to vulnerability. The way you perceive the vulnerability of yourself and others during this pandemic is very telling. I am always encouraging others to be curious. How is, how you're seeing the world today, represented in your relationship to yourself.

Are you fearful of being exposed? Exposed to/as what? (This may refer to any number of things in your life having nothing to do with COVID-19)

Are you angry? What is the story of your anger? How does that story show up in your life, or feelings about yourself?

Uncertainty is the norm, it always has been, but we've all agreed to lie about it to help us feel more comfortable. Well, that facade was very thin. We learned how to build our own facades by being exposed to this sort of culture. Our facades, similar to those of our culture, are thin and fragile. However, we don't need a facade if we can be vulnerable with ourselves. We will learn how to trust and by trusting we will find a way to be at ease within uncertainty, risk, and exposure.

I love you,

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