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Creativity and Intoxication

Creativity and Intoxication

June 23, 2020

This quote by Nietzche should ruffle your feathers, it definitely does mine for a number of reasons. I ask myself how irresponsible it is to even insinuate this, but here is one of the leading thinkers of his time celebrating the connection between intoxication and creativity. This is not uncommon, and we are seeing that 150 years ago thoughts in the world were very different.

We have surrounded ourselves with "important" history that might better be reexamined than referenced. I am referencing this quote to show that Nietzche, as intelligent as he was deemed to be, was, in today's standards, just another dumb ass. To hold him, or the racist Darwin, in high regard today, without the conversation of the evolution of consciousness, is faulty. This sort of praise we hoist upon the shoulders of century-old thinkers comes from a place of "tradition" and the increasing cost of printing new textbooks.

The reason this statement is not true is not that it never was, but that it isn't any longer. Nietzche was a great thinker of his day, but consciousness changes every day. You know more about the world today than Nietzchie ever could. This means looking for answers or directions from Nietzsche is misguided at best and trying to uphold old and dying ideas that are not aligned with the world today.

On creativity, there was a time when the veil was thick and the only way to touch a high creative ideal was to go under the veil, using intoxication. Through the evolution of our consciousness we have eaten away at that veil and now creativity can be accessed directly by going above the veil. When we do this it is not fueled by substance but by clarity and it is altruistic, not egoic. We have come a long way and creativity is no longer a romantic pursuit but a daily one. Stay clear, stay creative!

I love you,

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