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Decriminalizing Crack

Decriminalizing Crack

February 16, 2021

Oregon just decriminalized the possession of all personal use drugs.

Back in 2013, a friend of mine was celebrating the first states to have legalized marijuana. My response? "Talk to me when Crack is legal."

I went on to explain that because we criminalize something, like crack, we demonize those that engage it. We are reluctant to offer help, fund, or even have an open dialogue about the issues that lead to it being a problem. Why? Because we see them as demons of course.

It is far too easy in our society to call someone a monster and lock them away. Because of that, we don't have services for them, we don't have healthy conversations about them. We are afraid to bring up the subject, it is too taboo. I applaud Oregon for what they are doing because none of us are demons, we are all just people doing our best.

(Oh, not that it needs to be said, but if you are jumping to a conclusion that there will be rampant drug problems in Oregon the measure also expands access to addiction and other health services.)

I love you,

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