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Do you know enough yet?

Do you know enough yet?

August 18, 2020

I realized I had a gambling problem when I spent a week losing money in an attempt to chase money I never bet. Long story short I didn't get a bet in on a horse before the window closed and she won. With the perfecta, I would've walked away over $12,000 richer. Kicking myself I spent the next week chasing that which I "missed."

There are countless messages all around us telling us we have missed something. For many, that's where all addiction starts, believing we are not enough, that we missed something, or are being left out.

So many businesses, organizations, and causes today start by prying on our fears of being left out, or not being enough. They blatantly tell that, without them, we are going to be lost or be left behind. We are all susceptible to being manipulated, to chasing the things we think will finally put everything in order for us.

That has nothing to do with lack, however. That thing we need that will complete us, is embracing that feeling of lack, not being afraid of it. There is more information in the world than you can ever wrap your mind around and I have probably forgotten more than I will ever know at any one time. SO WHAT?

I am not saying be ignorant, I am saying take in what you are drawn to. Then you can let the rest go, until such a time that you are drawn to something else. Don't be manipulated into chasing things you don't want, don't adopt the thoughts and desires of others, they are not yours.

I love you,

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