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Do You Like That You're Doing That?

Do You Like That You're Doing That?

March 8, 2022

What we want is not always in line with what we like. I did things in active addiction that I no longer liked, but, because of old associations and the inherent discomfort that comes with change, I wanted to do them. This want comes from habit and addiction, "I want to feel comfortable." But do we ask "Do I like what I do to feel comfortable?"

To clarify, we may like Oreos, but we may not like that we are eating our 5th. That is not to say eating 5 is bad or deserves judgment, but it is important to note when we are doing something that we don't like doing.

Randomly asking yourself this question throughout the day will reveal to you places where you might be choosing things you actively don't like. When you see these things they only require you to take note. There is nothing that needs to change right now, but the more awareness you have the more you open yourself to allowing those things to change on their own.

If you are ready to allow change to occur in your life, without forcing the issue and adding to your already filled calendar of to-dos, reply to this email, because when you Recover Yourself there is nothing to do.

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