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Do You Practice Receiving?

Do You Practice Receiving?

April 26, 2022

I found out not too many months ago that there was a gap in my ability to receive. Namely, I couldn't do it.

Receiving isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. Just like reading, studying, or sport not everyone has the same skillsets.

Since I learned about this I have been able to open up and receive more deliberately. I allow others to do for me, to give to me, to contribute to my life, even if I feel uncomfortable.Traditioanlly I would do for others to such a great extent that no one would have the space in our relationship to give to me. This was all by design and kept me in a very comfortable role that I am happy to finally be balancing.

Every time I allow myself to receive I say "I will receive this." Doing that is a way that I can actively practice, what is probably, the most popular sport in the world.

Whether you have an active relationship with receiving or not, I guarantee you that you can treat yourself better than you do right now. If you are ready to start caring for yourself and learn about how you can look within to alter yourself, reply to this email because when you Recover Yourself there is no telling what you can heal.

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