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Do you require permission to be creative?

Do you require permission to be creative?

November 10, 2020

Being bombarded with media, apps, food, products, drugs, alcohol, distractions, and activities every day requires quite a bit to maintain equilibrium.

All too often we can get caught up in what is going on around us, FOMO, or just others' expectations. Creativity, in what we do and how we think, is a big part of our staying centered. We all have to stay vigilant these days against the things that attempt to coax us to believe some product, person, or service is the answer to our challenges.

When we have an addiction, or even a pacifier, we give up a bit of our creativity. Our creativity is something that we need today more than ever. The ability to see beyond where we are, and grow into who we are becoming, requires all the creativity we can muster.

Pop Buchanan and I recently spoke about creativity and intoxication. Check out my interview with Pop Buchanan here or wherever you listen to Podcasts

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