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Do you want to be Addicted?

Do you want to be Addicted?

December 6, 2022

If any company can get their clients addicted to their product or services that business would be successful. Pablo Escobar knew this and was listed on the Forbes' International Billionaires list 7 years in a row from 1987-1993 (The year he was killed).

I have noticed that many companies are taking a cue from Pablo and positioning their products that make them seem (or feel) indispensable. It can be seen in pharma and food which have a lot of things added to make them physically addictive. Then there are things like entertainment, education, and self-help which get their clients on a never-ending path of consumption. They all give us something that makes us feel good, for a time, but end up being "Hungry Ghosts," or things with no substance and never get satiated.

I interviewed Judy Grisel on the Recover Yourself Podcast and a quote she dropped was
"addiction is the sign of a healthy brain."
This is true because we evolved to associate deep lasting memories of where we can get things we need to survive. So, when something makes us feel good or makes life a bit easier to manage, we start to form a bond with whatever it was and where/how we acquired it.

As our world, and lives, have become increasingly busy we have required more and more ways of coping with it all. Luckily, or unfortunately, there is no end to the list of companies, products, or people that you can turn to make you feel just a bit better. In the end, though they are only Hungry Ghosts and until you know yourself you will continue to live under the influence of those things you have addictive, or pacifying, bonds with.

I don't want anyone I love to be seen as a sucker, and so many companies only see us as suckers. When you recover yourself you are able to separate for those things that you pacify with and knowingly choose to pacify, or sit in the discomfort for a time and see what it has to teach you. I want you to get out from under the influnece so respond to this email and let's set up a time to talk further.

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