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Don't ONLY Listen to your intuition.

Don't ONLY Listen to your intuition.

October 20, 2020

I love my intuition but it is not the most reasoned or measured part of my system. In my interview with Andrew Shtulman, author of ScienceBind, we address what he calls "intuitive theories." in it he says

The kinds of interactions we experience on a daily basis our intuitive theories can account for, that's why you constructed the theory in the first place... but
it's important to recognize the difference between intuition and a principled, reasoned, opinion.”

Our Intuitive theories were created as children, and Andrew expresses that these don't simply go away or evolve into truths. The theories that we created around relationships, and how we understand ourselves, and our place in the world, can all use some reworking. Andrew addresses how, most of us, aren't even aware we hold different ideas about the same phenomenon. And that shift may all depend simply on how it comes up in conversation.

I love you,

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