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Doubt and Benefit of the Doubt

Doubt and Benefit of the Doubt

June 8, 2021

The benefit of the doubt...

Who do we give it to? Who do we doubt? It can be difficult to have those around us question our work or motives. It can so often perpetuate the feelings of lack and doubt we all carry. 

Can you look outside of yourself and ask who do you give this precious item? It is so curious that we demand proof, even if we've never been let down, from those around us, while we may offer up these benefits to people whose motives are hidden from them.

We can all try a little harder to spread the love and curb the doubt. Support your neighbor, support your friends. at least until they lose your benefit of the doubt and then they'll need to prove it, but they deserve the chance.

What can you do today to elevate one person in your circle to the level that you have elevated people you have never met? If that is not possible where in your life can you give yourself the benefit of the doubt? We all have something we doubt we can do, what if we just stopped contributing to that doubt, just for today.
I love you,

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