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Embracing the Distractions

Embracing the Distractions

May 26, 2020

We have created, and believe in, a world of distractions. What Ryokan is saying in this quote is that we need to approach every moment without preconceived ideas of what we are experiencing. The problem with this is that our entire lives have been geared toward having preconceived ideas of how things work out.
If I don't go to school I won't get a job
If I don't have a job I will be homeless/starve
If I don't get married I will be alone
The phrase "disturbed thought" isn't one that we might refer to as disturbing, but refers to a thought that, even if it is comfortable, isn't true. None of the statements above are true but how much of our lives have been forfeit to these thoughts? And how many actions have we taken to address these thoughts/fears?

To find balance during this pandemic I have had to, and encourage you to, look at how true my beliefs are. This is not easy but if you can pause and ask "Is it true, or am I just uncomfortable in this moment?" you may find that you're just a bit uncomfortable and that means you might benefit from clearing the heart a bit.

If you are looking to clear your heart here are a few steps to doing that
sit or lay down
Tap your sternum and address your heart "hello"
put a hand over your heart and take a deep breath
hold your attention on your heartbeat and when you inhale imagine your breath cooling your heart and spreading the air thought your body
Do this for as long as you would like
Join me for my next digital workshop on Thursday
I love you,

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