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Finding truth in every situation takes self-trust

Finding truth in every situation takes self-trust

February 11, 2020

Today we can't swing a cat without hitting a life/business/recovery/relationship coach. That is not to say we don't need their expertise, but are we leaning on them because we don't believe in ours?

We are each here having a very unique and special experience that nobody can understand. As we continue to expand in our lives how much are we stepping forward and trusting ourselves? How much are we looking to others to validate us? How much are we turning to Google for assurances we are on the right path? None of us are here to be right. We are here to learn to trust ourselves and live the lives we are experiencing.

When I work with my clients I am always looking for them to grow into themselves, and I don't care who that is. I tell the people in the Intensive Outpatient Programs I talk to that I don't care about their sobriety, and that is true in the most loving way. I want everyone to seek themselves, and recover themselves. What they will recover and learn is some truth, but the truth is a living thing and so it cannot be written. There is no right answer but there is truth. Truth exists without facts, books, or experiments. It exists within us and nothing can take that from us but our own fear to seek it out.

I love you,

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