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Getting the most out of our technology

Getting the most out of our technology

October 6, 2020

Our technology, which includes the internet, social media, AI, and all the ways they interact, is magic. But this magic comes at a cost. As we continue to hunt for information, truths, and the right answers, we get accustomed to not being in the dark. This whole pandemic has put us all in a state of uncertainty, and due to our increased fear of being in the dark, has been a challenge for many.

This Aldus Huxley quote is perfect for this time, as we lean increasingly on tech to feel like we are connected. At the same time, we are learning that tech is not as benevolent or innocuous as we would like to imagine.

We are faced with a multitude of questions today and the only way to answer these questions, which are coming from within each of us, is to take time away from our screens. We need to be quiet and not have the thoughts and ideas of others infiltrate our lives. The tech magic, which allows me to spread my message, is not always on our side, and we can never truly know if it ever is

I love you,

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