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Groups are great… until they're not

Groups are great… until they're not

March 23, 2021

A group, unlike an individual, is benefited by hardline rules and an easily understandable mission or focus. You and I cannot live under these sorts of conditions.

Life is fluid and we are changing every day. The moment we decide we have it all figured out is exactly when the rules are being changed. And yet we clammer to be a part of the group where change is not always encouraged.

Groups can be saviors, for a time. The amount of time a group can be helpful to us changes from person to person, so it is up to us to ask the question, "Is this group serving me?"

It is not bad to outgrow our necessity of a group. There is no group that can hold the complexity of you, your life, or your growth.

This quote "When I dedicate myself to one specific group I limit myself, and I want more than that." from Lexx Ellins is a great way to wrap up our conversation during the last episode of the Recover Yourself Podcast.

I love you,

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