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Has your happiness ever been stolen?

Has your happiness ever been stolen?

March 9, 2021

If you ever felt like your happiness has been stolen you may have wanted to get revenge. Whether that be due to bad drivers, neighbors, co-workers, or others many of us have felt our stores of happiness robbed. But, and this is very similar to drugs and alcohol, attempting to retrieve it only gives us momentary "happiness" that leaves us wanting, and often makes matters much worse.

Unlike money, our happiness is not a commodity. It cannot be stolen, but because at times it feels like it does get stolen we can get caught up in retaliation, or revenge. Sometimes we focus that revenge on the person we believe stole it. However, very often that focus falls upon someone else entirely.

My last episode of the Recover Yourself podcast covers forgiving others in real-time and overriding our desire for revenge. I encourage you to check out James' episode for more on revenge, forgiveness, and NonJustice.

I love you,

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