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Have you tried Truth?

Have you tried Truth?

September 15, 2020

Truth is something that will never steer you wrong, but so often is, somehow, not an option. How have we gotten here?

There are increasing numbers of places we are being expected to live within lies today. Spotting those places we are not living, acting, or speaking from honesty is a great step toward your own personal liberation. I don't know anything that feels better than being honest, and it isn't about being "brutal" that kind of honesty, is often a couple lies disguised as honesty.

Today, as politics, business and the media are increasingly controlled by popularity and profits, you are getting more messages than ever that you are not enough. Those feeling, that are wrapped up in fear, can keep us quiet because our honestly, doesn't match our surroundings. This is a downward spiral as not speaking up not only suppresses our individuality, but it also robs the world of the exact thing it needs.

I encourage you to check out this article by Meghan Roekle about being honest.

I love you,

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