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Honesty Comes Before Responsibility

Honesty Comes Before Responsibility

August 17, 2021

This Seth Godin quote rang very true to me this week as I continue to ask the question "How can I get more people aware of how much they avoid?"

As we go about our lives we are all too happy to avoid the truth about ourselves while being all too eager to point it out in others. All that, while conveniently leaving out the fact we don't know what others are going through, and that we hide huge swaths of our lives from others.

We certainly judge ourselves much harsher than we do others. That can cause us to be fearful of truth and responsibility as we imagine how harshly we are being judged. If we can shift that judgment we have for ourselves into curiosity, we will be more inclined to be honest with ourselves, stop judging others, and own our responsibility. This goes for individuals, companies, and governments, drop your judgments, get curious, and see what mountains you will move.

To start on a journey of being honest and taking responsibility I encourage you to check out my Recover Yourself Workshops.

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